Costs as promised.

Long weekend in Malta (with a few deviations)!

My long weekend in Malta has been extended this is because when I started planning it I started to read the Iliad again and thought why not. Sally my partner is not really interested in Greek history (loves Greece though) and I have always wanted to go and see places that I learnt from my school days places that resonate throughout history Sparta, Acrocorinth, Epidavros, Corinth, Thermopylae, Delphi, Olympia, Mystra, Monemvasi to name just a few.

Eurostar has also now added a direct link from St. Pancras International station to Marseille so now you don’t have to change trains anymore and the whole journey is 6 hours and 28 mins

So as promised travel costs from London but with additional places added. Departure dates 07 June 2019 now returning 21st July so my weekend is just a little bit longer.

Various search engines used namely “The man in seat 61”to start with and then Loco2 providing routes, prices and tickets. It was great fun planning and checking various routes and deciding on spending one or two days in different locations namely Palermo and Syracuse (Archimedes). It seems Mt. Etna has roared back to life as well to greet me.

As promised travel costs from London. Departure dates 07 June 2019 returning 21st July. Various search engines used namely “The man in seat 61”to start with and then Loco2 providing routes, prices and tickets.

Have not put hotel prices down as people can choose themselves but used Booking.com for all hotels used. All prices are Euro.

Train London to Marseille €65 single

Train Marseille to Genoa €41 single 1st Class

Ferry Genoa to Palermo single cabin and meals €155

Train Palermo to Syracuse €18

Ferry Pozzallo to Malta €162

Ferry Malta to Catania €162

Train Catania to Naples single sleeper €179

Bus Naples to Bari €5.50

Ferry Bari to Patras single cabin €274

Car hire 5 weeks €570 (approx. €16 per day)

Ferry Patras to Ancona single cabin €209

Train Ancona to Milan €40

Train Milan to Paris single sleeper €249

Paris to London €84 single

Total travel cost is currently running at €2,213.50 Euros, petrol costs are unknown at present.

Last but not least medical insurance! OK (not) typical male currently 64 ( 65 September ) worked in the markets 80’s, 90’s 00’s and overseas enjoyed life. High blood pressure, COPD and a couple of other ailments. Got a couple of quotes and ended up paying £497 Sterling for £10,000,000 of cover and repatriation. Single trip. Will require another policy in September.

Will provide updates as I go along with pictures and comments as I proceed on my journey.