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We all ( should) know the history of Greece is long and varied and covers thousands of years. Driving around some of the parts I have come across modern history. The results of troubles in the Arab and Muslim world, people trying to make a living in what they see as a far wealthier world. The graves and memories from two World wars. The struggles for freedom and the building of Empires. So let’s start this history trail with my favourites the Spartans.

The Taygetus mountains, any new born who did not meet the Spartan measurements of perfection were left on the slopes of this mountain to be disposed of by wild animals!

Not exactly the best statue of Leonidas.

A view of what’s left before you go into the site.

The Spartans did not leave many edifice’s to history, but what they did leave us with is a massive respect for its militaristic prowess which allowed other Greek dynasties to provide us art, literature and democratic government.

Temple of Apollo Epikourios. The Temple is covered by a huge canvas sail to protect it and is currently being renovated.

The pictures should now start to make sense now.

Some of the restoration work taking place

Time to sit and look out over the mountains.

Hiking map for Gill and Archna to think about!

Two pictures for Lynn “towers of the Mani!”

The water is ice cold and tastes wonderful.

Love this tree.

The view from the tree


  • Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing by That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.

I am going to write to the Greek ambassador when I get home. This is the site of probably the greatest battle in Ancient Greek history, Thermopylae! and it has a pylon in the middle of it.

The mountains to the left of the Spartan flank.

Statue and memorial to King Leonidas and the 300.

View from the mountains down to the battle site. Believe it or not you can see the sea in the distance, that actually came up to where the monument stands and formed the right flank for the 300 against the might of Xerxes Persian army.

Approximately 30Kms from Thermopylae I came across a piece of history that still resonates today.

The graves of British soldiers and one Maltese soldier from World War One. The site is still maintained by the villagers of Bralo, note how green is the grass and how peaceful it is.

(Excuse digit) Entry to Mycenae, the home of Agamemnon?

Lions gate of ancient Mycenae

The view of the fertile valley from the palace.

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth and the view to Acrocorinth

Views from the outside only as this was one site too far.

Guess what comes next?

Yes, it’s the Corinth canal!

This place is huge! Well worth the visit.


The view to the boxing ring.

The track

The Roman villa

I could have gone on and on with pictures of historic pictures, but what I am hoping is that I have piqued your interest and you will make similar journeys.

I came to Greece for its history but then found its countryside and people, if you have the time you really should visit.

Took the google map picturesque route back, thank God I had a rental car! But the views where well worth it, even if the name road was a rather different description to what I would give it. And that was a good part of it.

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