Lost track of the days

Apparently I have been in Greece for over a week now and it just gets better and better. The staff in the hotel are marvellous and look after me tremendously well.

I have a regime which is to spend one day sightseeing the next relaxing (swimming at least 2Km and walking and my Fitbit accompanies me everywhere!).

But now it’s time for the pictures.

The view from my balcony.

The Hotel swimming pool. The only company I get is when the Swifts and Swallows swoop down to get a drink.

Kyparissia from the original part of town, below is just the new town and harbour.

In the evening further up the road is about five restaurants more on them later.

Now life starts to get interesting by the side of the castle is an unnamed road which just screams out “follow me” which I did (and as soon as I can get google maps sorted I will show you my route).

One of the ancient springs now delivering water to Kyparissia, with a new pump house being built.

Now in the mountains with no clue as to where I am and no worries either. Now for any Scottish readers take note. Those are what you call Thistles!

Local fauna just coming into bloom. Althea used in traditional medicine. Use of the plant are reflected in the name of the genus, which comes from the Greek althainein, meaning “to heal”.

The flowers and young leaves can be eaten, and are often added to salads or are boiled and fried. The roots and stem also secrete mucilage, which is used to soften the skin, and is used in cosmetic treatments.

A small hamlet surrounded by this wonderful foliage.

The views are amazing.

High amongst the clouds ( the only ones around).

Back in time for dinner, deep fried courgette.

Main course, fish. Don’t know type but tasty.

End result. Very nice.

Did not ask for dessert, but couldn’t refuse as it would be discourteous.

New shoe day as my Fitflops broke, all leather sandals, well worth €30 and the lady in the shop was brilliant. Once again thank you Google translate.

The view of the hotel from the beach.

I will leave you with another sunset. I never get fed up with this and look forward to seeing it every night. xx

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