kalos irthes stin ELLADA. Welcome to Greece!

Look out of my (forward facing) cabin and the view is amazing, bit blurry, but will improve when I go on deck.

Greece is in front of me. We are 1 hour early docking in Patras and the views are just going to get better.

Patras my front door to the Peloponnese.

Disembark and the first thing I do is to ask the car hire people to meet me at the ferry port. It’s a 3km walk and it’s 30c. 30 minutes later and I am on my way to Kyparissia driving a little yellow “Seat Mii”.

Did not take long to get used to driving with a gear stick (so used to an automatic) and driving on the other side of the road. Drive down the west coast of the Peloponnese is beautiful and so green.

One thing I learnt living in Turkey and Cyprus always leave in shade if possible. Remember to have a bottle of water in the car as well.

Well I got here. Kyparissia a small town on the Peloponnese beautiful.

The view from my bedroom balcony. Welcome to Kyparissia! The bush tree (below, top left with cream flowers) is covered in Butterflies and when approached rise like a cloud.

My home for the next 30 days. The Hotel Kanellakis in Kyparissia. It’s comfy, welcoming and has views to die for.

The staff are amazing and so welcoming, George (receptionist and Teacher) introduces me to Marianna in charge of the bar and food, Florida the chambermaid, Flori responsible for managing and delivering drinks and food from hotel to beach (taken straight down to view beach and informed that bar (on my right) will be open on Sunday. Lorenzo in charge of the beach, Anna (my laundry) and generally keeps the hotel nice and clean, Gregory I meet that night as he comes on at 2300 and is the night receptionist and last but not least Panagiota responsible for all catering, especially my breakfast (great coffee as well). Within minutes I am made to feel as if it is my home.

A day later I am introduced to Mr. Nikos the owner who has come down from Athens to ensure all is in place for the new season, wonderful man who was born in Kyparissia but appears to have carved a bit of an empire in textiles from Athens.

I know the video maybe a bit long (3 mins) but watch it. This is the view I will get for possibly every day I am here. Watch it for the beauty.

My room 116

Once I know how to I will insert maps as I (Unbeknown) have “google timeline” active.

Dinner that evening is no problem because at the bottom of the hill is “Ammos” recommended by Marianna (Hotel restaurant not yet open).

View from my dinner table (yes, that is the beach and sea)

Starters are an Aubergine dip with onions, garlic, parsley and capers served with warm bread. So good and healthy (hope Doctor Day is reading and Etienne).

Main course is BBQ octopus with seasonal greens served with olive oil and lemon juice (have not got a clue what the seasonal greens are but delicious). How can they make Octopus tentacles so tender, char them on the BBQ and finish them with a sauce similar to Hoisin?

Well it is my first night and I hadn’t eaten since I was on the ferry. My waitress recommended the Apple pie (well actually it was a bit more like crumble, with that gooey biscuit mix, you know it’s good for you!) vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, followed by a double espresso. That night fell asleep to the sound of waves on the beach. Makes a change from planes arriving/departing from Heathrow and the noise from sirens. The joy of living in London.

The hotel from the beach (my room, floor down from roof and one in from right)

Will leave you with this one. As the lights come on in the restaurant Ammos. Good night God bless one and all xxx.

2 thoughts on “kalos irthes stin ELLADA. Welcome to Greece!

  1. I have finally reached the page on Greece and have found Kyparissia. It‘s not that far to Kalamata or even Kardamyli, which is where Paddy Leigh Fermor‘s house was/is. Do try and visit. I always wanted to go there. And try and find the tower houses in the Mani.
    We love the car (and the number plate IYO). It all looks wonderful.
    All the best
    Lynne and Rita

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