I do not have the words to describe the history of Siracusa and will not attempt to, the place is awash with it and needs at least three days to do it justice. All I can say is if you get the chance go and visit it and stay at the the Grand Hotel Villa Politi built on the site of some of the oldest quarries that built the original Siracusa.

The Villa was built in 1862 by an Austrian noblewoman for the man of her life Salvatore Politi. Sir Winston Churchill stayed here in 1955 and said “I never slept so well in my life”. I can echo those thoughts after having two wonderful dinners here.

A local ice cold artisanal beer (well it was my first drink after travelling for 12 hours), allowing the wine to breathe.

The wine has been allowed to breath, as just in time dinner arrives.

Starters of Ravioli stuffed with seafood and a wonderful fresh basil pesto, the smell of the basil was exceptional.

Now this was absolutely fantastic Fritto misto di pesce with straw vegetables and a chilli aioli this was perfection no grease whatsoever and the batter was delightful.

Dessert (my excuse is that I am in Italy (especially Sicily) and desserts if not taken are seen as an insult. So light creamy yoghurt with fresh strawberries and shards of white chocolate coated honeycomb. Well the yoghurt was light!

Espresso and Amaretto to finish (the Germans had drank all the limoncello). Now I know why Sir Winston slept so well.

Made good use of the pool, making room for dinner tonight.

On my way to dinner after walking miles and swimming kilometres. Honestly!

First part of the night successfully concluded the choice of wine and it was excellent

Menu for tonight’s deliberations small choice but all cooked exquisitely.

Primi fresh maccheroncino creamed with njuda, zucchini and diced tomatoes and of course the parmigiana, well blow my mind away I have never thought a pasta dish could be so tasty yet simple. Will try and get our guys in Richmond to replicate this one.

Secondi was the veal with a (raw) spinach and carrot salad with a local cheese and balsamic reduction some simple but absolutely divine.

This is Sicily after all and one cannot leave without trying, one of its natural dishes Sicilian Cassatta. Sugar rush is an understatement but well tempered with a double espresso and a rather good Sicilian dessert wine.

Have to be up early next morning for taxi ride to Pozzallo to get the ferry to Malta. The “raison d’être” for this whole trip.

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  1. Absolutely awesome Steve, we really need to stop summer working and start travelling again. Keep living the dream 👍🤗😘

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