Travel day (Palermo to Siracusa)

Taxi straight away to Palermo Centrale and catch the Inter City to Rome but my stop is Messina.

Yes MacDonalds are everywhere and no I didn’t go.

I waited to Messina and had the biggest Arancini Siciliani I have ever seen stuffed with ham and cheese, cappuccino and bottle of water for €5

That’s mainland Italy forgot the straits are so narrow.

That is Mt. Etna smoking! She is active again.

Off the train and on to a coach. This is Catania at the base of Etna.

Eventually arrived in hotel dropped bag off and dinner. Start with ice cold local artisanal beer rather good (note wine breathing in background).

Ravioli stuffed with swordfish and seafood with a wonderful basil pesto.

The beer is sunk, the wine has breathed and it’s rather good, will enjoy this.

Frito misto de pesce with straw vegetables for the main course and it was perfection in itself with chilli aioli culinary heaven.

Deserves two pictures.

Light creamy yoghurt with white chocolate and fresh strawberries (Italians can make desserts so you’ve got to have one, or they get upset).

Double espresso and Amaretto (no Limoncello the Germans had drank it all! Makes a change from us Brits).

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