Well today was hot 30+C and I spent the next five hours walking around!

Passed the local market on the way and as we have a roast on a Sunday, it would appear that Sicilians like there fish. Mainly Swordfish.

First visit was to the Palermo Opera House. For those in the know this is where Michael Corleone (Godfather III) meets his end

Seeking shade at every opportunity and having a Limon Granita en route it’s via the four corners to the Cathedral.

It’s the main meeting place in Palermo occupying North, South, East and. West.

I am struggling at this stage but I have to get to the Cathedral say a prayer and light a candle for a very brave young man and his entire family. Keep battling away Adam!

Made it to the Palace/Cathedral of Palermo (yes those are people walking on the roof)

The main altar (this was also a mosque before the Normans took over (yes William the Conquer’s lot)).

Candles are a fire hazard so now you light an electrical one.

lit a candle at the shrine of the Madonna and child xxx

Eventually got back to the hotel after 12 kilometres walking and had a wonderful cool shower and a little siesta

Modern technology allows me to connect to my Virgin media service at home to watch some cricket and to plan dinner!

Another walk but only for 12 mins this time to Osteria Lo Branco and what a culinary delight awaits.

Caponata, one of the famous dishes of Sicily consisting of fried Aubergine, with celery, olives, sweet vinegar and capers it was divine.

Followed by squid and a few pieces of fried fish. Simple but so nice.

Refreshing beer and half a litre of really good White House wine for the Caponata and fish.

Well it is Sicily and you have to have at least one Cannolo and you need a double espresso.

The bill and pleasantly surprised, food and drink was excellent.

Well that brings Palermo to an end and later this morning I will be on the train to Syracuse, home of the legendary Archimedes!

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