Time to hit the road (rails)

Sally drops me at station to catch first tube out (thank you xxx0

St. Pancras on a Friday morning.

Next stop Marseille

Ashford Int. Kent and it’s seven days into our summer!

Grenay, France at 185 m.p.h.

Chateauneuf-Sur-Isere crossing the Rhône

Marseille Saint-Charles

Next train please.

First sight of the Mediterranean.

Now my Italian is non existent but me and the barman get on great. Double espresso ordered and he is telling me (in Italian obviously) that Italians make the best coffee in the world. I agree. After ordering a (Palma) ham panini he then puts his own cheese on it and then presents me with some of his dinner that night Salami with fennel it was gorgeous (Google translate really works!) no grease or fatty taste about it.


Cannes, with these sort of huge cruisers turning up, why go?

Cannes, with the rich (and Russian) yatch’s



Shortly after this we came into Monaco. Rather pretty Italian lady sat opposite me, which was fine until her finger went into her nostril a number of times before I arrived in Genoa.

Genoa at night from ferry. Train was 10 minutes late arrived and temperature was 23 C, caught taxi to ferry port and got dropped off outside shopping centre. Security guard (once again no English nor Italian) tells me to go in go up one floor and ticket office there.

Boarding was rather fun as you have to dodge the cars and articulated lorries across a dark dockyard to get on the ferry!

Eventually got on board found my cabin next stop the bar.

Well let’s face it I did need it after 989 miles

and a couple of Gin and Tonics. Slept like a babe and missed breakfast.

Which brings us on to lunch. My Italian is getting better waiter and me choosing between Pesce and this,

Cannot remember I had a T bone steak but this was rather good.

We both agreed on the wine.

He complimented me on my choice of dessert (at least I think he did?). 3 tarts (no Anni your just a flapper!)

Raspberry, wild cherries and Black Forest gateau, all rounded of with a double espresso and a siesta.

Arriving at Palermo, Sicily.

Getting off and through dockyard no as bad as Genoa.

Choice of hotel was mine due to proximity of dockyard. Crossing over dual carriageway wasn’t easy either. Waited for some locals to cross and tagged on behind.

View from my room.

My room, home for the next two nights. Bit orangey but clean and comfy and it €40 euros a night for breakfast as well, not complaint.

Well that’s 1,587 miles covered and just watching the ferry leave on its way back to Genoa. So I think it’s time for bed said Zebedee.

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